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Links to other web sites of interest:
Here we list sites that may be of use or just of general interest to our visitors.  This list gets updated regularly.  If you know of a site that you think would be of interest please let us know using the Contact form and we'll include it at the next update.  
(Hubbard Harpsichords, Inc., Sudbury, MA)  

(Zuckermann Harpsichords International, Stonington, CT)   

(John Phillips Harpsichords,  Berkeley, CA)  

(Peter Tkach Harpsichords, St. Louis, MO)
(David Jensen Harpsichords, Canada)
(Leigh-Flanders Harpsichords, England)  
The Harpsichord Hub! 
(A useful site featuring many links to builders worldwide)
(Sounds of the harpsichord and realated instruments)   
Harpsichord Newsgroup - (newsgroup for harpsichord aficionados worldwide)
American Guild of Organists - San Diego Chapter




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