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From time to time we'll feature instruments of interest in these pages. Some of these may be harpsichords worthy of special note, some may be instruments under construction or restoration by members of SDHS.

Featured Instrument:
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Djw1small.jpg (25983 bytes)This beautiful French double, built by Roberts & Brazier to a design by noted harpsichord builder D. Jaques Way,  belonged to James H. Weld late of Carmel Mountain Ranch.   Mr. Weld taught at Palomar college for many years and was the teacher of SDHS President Jim Sherman, among others.  Mr. Weld passed away in May last year, and his loss saddened many in the San Diego area.

DJW2small.jpg (32844 bytes)Members of SDHS were privileged to visit Mr. Weld's home shortly before his death, and several performed pieces on the instrument while Jim Weld listened and smiled  in approval as some of his former students played for him. 

DJW3small.jpg (43460 bytes)The sound board decoration on the instrument is impeccable, as can be seen in the picture above.  The exterior decoration, too, is exquisite, and the instrument is reputed to to be adorned with more than $1000 of guilding.

This beautiful harpsichord was considered by many to be the finest instrument of its kind in San Diego County in tone quality and appearance.  It is currently back in the Roberts & Brazier workshops where it was built in 1989, and is for sale.   Interested parties should contact:

Factory and Showroom
5312 Live Oak View Ave. LA, CA 90041
Telephone: 323-254-9613
E-Mail: r&[email protected]

French Double Harpsichord (D. Jacques Way )
93.5 x 36 inches
Disposition- 2x8', 1x4', buff to back 8'
Stop registers worked by levers in the keywell
Two 61 note transposing reverse keyboards FF-f''', 392/ A415/440
Ebony naturals with bone topped sharps
Tapered wooden jacks with celcon plectra, leathered registers
23K gold bands and mouldings
Soundboard painting in the style of Hemsch (by Roberts & Brazier)
Louis XVI stand with gilded boxes and medallions, turned fluted legs.
Approx. 155 lbs.

In Memoriam
(from the SDHS Newsletter, Vol. III  Issue 2, June 9, 1999):

James H. Weld, a good friend and member of San Diego Harpsichord Society, died May 3 (1999) at Villa Pomerado Convalescent Hospital in Poway.  He died of complications from Alzheimer's disease.
Mr. Weld taught harpsichord, organ, and piano at Palomar College from 1953 to 1983.  During his teaching career, he acquired a variety of keyboard instruments, including two harpsichords, a clavichord, virginal, fortepiano, and a tracker organ.  Over the years, many students learned about early music from these instruments and his expertise.
Although mainly known as a music teacher, James Weld will be remembered by friends, colleagues, and students as a kind and gentle man with enthusiasm for life and music which he imparted to so many others.  He will be deeply missed.

Mr. Weld was a member of the American Guild of Organists and the Music Teachers Association of California.


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