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SDHS sponsors concerts, classes, meetings and informal get-togethers in the San Diego area.  Here are some upcoming events plus reports on  concerts and gatherings held during the last year.

Recent Events:

Jennifer S. Paul Concert

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Gibbons Byrd J.S.Bach F.Couperin Valente Hooper Haydn Scarlatti Albéniz Farnaby Froberger Martini Royer L.Couperin Palmer
plus Bartók and Scott Joplin in a delightful program:

"Dancing Through The Millennium"

Sunday, December 3, 2000 4:00 P.M.

St. John The Evangelist Church, 1638 Polk Avenue
University Heights, San Diego


SDHS members met Sunday evening, August 13, at Historic Site No. 5, the Community Congregational Church on F Street in Chula Vista for a social get-together and a chance to try out a new harpsichord. Margaret Gaillard hosted the event to celebrate her church’s purchase of a Hubbard double-manual French harpsichord, constructed by Duane Gruber from a kit. The instrument was donated by an anonymous member of the congregation.

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The harpsichord, painted in two shades of light green with gold banding, has a hand-painted soundboard featuring native California desert plants painted by Nancy Hayward. The instrument looks very much at home in its southern California surroundings.

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Members of the San Diego Harpsichord Society and guests of the church heard the harpsichord put through its paces by our resident artists, professional and amateur! The results were quite gratifying and the new French double manual was off to a successful life. Margaret Gaillard uses the harpsichord from time to time during church services, along with the church organ and synthesizer. She said that some younger members of the congregation are very interested and excited with the harpsichord, while other young members are appalled at the color – they think it should be black (!) like a piano.

There were lots of goodies on hand for a potluck meal where members and guests had an opportunity to discuss - what else? - harpsichords!


In honor of the 250th anniversary of Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) Seagate Concerts presented a three-day festival at the Museum of Art, Copley Auditorium, on July 28-29-30, featuring members* of the San Diego Harpsichord Society.

Friday, July 28, 7:30 p.m., MARY BARRANGER*, ALISON LUEDECKE*, and KATHLEEN SCHEIDE* performed Bach’s Concerto in C Major, BWV 1064 for three harpsichords and strings, with the Orchestra of San Dieguito, WARREN GREF, conductor. Accompanied by the baroque-sized orchestra of approximately 18 musicians, the triple harpsichord concerto was a rare treat to see as well as hear. An enthusiastic audience gave all a well deserved round of applause.

Following the concerto, ANN CHASE, soprano, performed the Cantata "Ich bin in mir vergnügt" BVW 204 with the Orchestra. To conclude the evening’s performance, the Orchestra of San Dieguito with Warren Gref performed Suite No. 3 in D Major, BWV 1068.

Saturday, July 29, 7:30 p.m., ELAINE THORNBURGH, lecturer/harpsichordist, KATHEEN SCHEIDE*, portativ organ, and the BASICALLY BACH STRING QUARTET presented The Art of the Fugue. Audience members received a music handout that outlined the various contrapunctus themes used in this work. Ms. Thornburgh guided the audience through the intricacies of the work, using the string quartet, organ, and harpsichord to highlight themes, followed by a complete version of each variation. It was an informative and delightful evening with good rapport between the audience and perfomers.

Sunday, July 30, 4:00 p.m., The Orchestra of San Dieguito, WARREN GREF, conductor, performed the six Brandenburg Concerti, with ALISON LUEDECKE*, harpsichord, featured in Concerto No. 5. The Brandenburgs were played in the following sequence: 3 – 5 – 6 – 2 – 1 – 4. No. 3 was a brisk opener to the afternoon performance with the full orchestra. As the following Concerti were presented, the orchestra shifted in size to accommodate the featured soloists: two violas in No.6, the trumpet and concertino in No. 2, the flutes and violin in No. 4, and, of course, the harpsichord in No. 5. It was another triumph for the orchestra and soloists and an afternoon’s delight for a delighted audience.

BASICALLY BACH CELEBRATION - 2000 was a wonderful 3-day festival honoring J.S. Bach. The Orchestra of San Dieguito with conductor Warren Gref and all the featured soloists are to be commended for their high level of musicianship and the warmth and enthusiasm they conveyed to the large audiences at all three concerts in the Park. Perhaps this very successful Basically Bach Celebration could become an ANNUAL EVENT!


Past Events:

kipnis2.jpg (111439 bytes)Renowned harpsichordist Igor Kipnis entertained members of the Society at a "Meet the Artist" party at the  Greg Rogers Historical House on Wednesday March 24, 1999.  The intimate setting provided the lucky guests with a sample of how music used to be enjoyed in the early days! 

kipnis1.jpg (160229 bytes)Mr. Kipnis played a number of pieces by Bach, Handel, Scarlatti, Purcell and others, many of which (he told the audience) were essentially by way of practice for the scheduled concert at the San Diego Museum of Art the following evening (see below.) 

kipnis3.jpg (86848 bytes) Those present learned first hand of the performer's preference for a specific cocktail dubbed "The Kipnis Martini", and were treated to a demonstration of both its preparation and consumption!  After dinner, Mr. Kipnis surprised the gathering by airing a rather unusual video starring himself as the "Momorath"...  a sinister character from Lewis Carrol's "Alice through the Looking Glass."

The San Diego Harpsichord Society and the San Diego Museum of Art co-sponsored a solo concert by Mr. Kipnis March 25 1999 at the Museum in Balboa Park. Mr. Kipnis was in great form as he led the audience through 300 years of harpsichord music, from Byrd to Brubeck, in a program entitled "The Light and Lively Harpsichord."

The first half of the program included works by such well loved Renaissance and Baroque composers as Byrd, Froberger, Purcell, Clarke, Pezold, Couperin, Rameau, Handel, Bach and Scarlatti.  In the second half Kipnis explored later works by Mozart, Thome, Massenet, Delius, Bax, and Bartok, and introduced modern and contemporary pieces by Franzpeter Boebels, Duke Ellington, Dave Brubeck, and Alfred Schnittke.

Throughout the concert, Mr. Kipnis entertained his audience with anecdotal references both to the music and to his own travels around the world as a performer.

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