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The Society exists:

to provide a forum for its members to share information about, and enjoyment of, the harpsichord;

to provide support for those interested in playing, constructing, and studying harpsichords and the music written for them; and

to foster in the community an awareness of and appreciation for the harpsichord as a musical instrument.

The Society seeks to provide a forum for the sharing, exchange, and dissemination of information about harpsichords, and to this end will:

  • Create an access network to people knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the instrument, its heritage, its music, its construction, local events, available CDs, etc.
  • Publish and disseminate a regular newsletter pertaining to the activities of the Society and carrying news and items deemed to be of interest to its members
  • Maintain a telephone "hot-line" through which its members, and other interested parties, may seek information or referrals to others
  • Interface with other societies or like-minded groups of individuals with a view to exchanging information, including newsletters, with them

The Society will organize meetings, recitals, performances, and exhibitions of harpsichords and harpsichord music.  Specifically, it will:

  • Conduct regular business meetings of the Society.
  • Arrange recitals for interested members featuring performances on one or more of the member’s instruments, and providing access to those instruments for other members to play.
  • Arrange exhibitions of member-constructed instruments.
  • Arrange for larger recitals or performances in public or private concert halls, perhaps arranging for the appearance of and performance by well-known harpsichordists.

The Society will promote the harpsichord as an historical (and contemporary?) instrument through public relations and other outreach programs:

  • Maintain a Web Site which promotes the Society’s goals and events while featuring the harpsichord and educating and informing those who visit the site
  • Maintain contact with the local and area newspapers to keep them appraised of the Society’s activities and provide ready material to support articles and news stories by the papers.
  • Conduct outreach programs to schools and other institutions to foster an interest in music generally as well as an appreciation for the harpsichord in particular.




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