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Frequently Asked Questions about SDHS
(actually nobody asked ANY yet, but you have to start
somewhere, so we made these up to get started...)

Q. Do I have to own a harpsichord to become a member?
A. No.  The Society is open to anyone interested in early keyboard instruments.

Q. I can’t play.  Does this matter?
A. Not at all.  Members are drawn from all walks of life and range from professional musicians to those who simply enjoy listening to these instruments and their music.

Q. Can I join at any time?
A. Absolutely.  Membership runs twelve months from the date of enrollment.

Q. How often is the Newsletter published?
A. About six times a year, though since it is a volunteer effort the schedule may vary a little.

Q. How soon after I join will I receive my first Newsletter?
A. Usually you will receive the next issue to be published after you join..

Q. How do I get MY question answered?
A. Use the form at "Contact Us".





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