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A Message from the President of SDHS

Just three years ago, a group of harpsichord enthusiasts met to discuss the possibility of forming a society that would bring together harpsichord owners, builders, and performers with the purpose of promoting public interest in harpsichords and early music. We had no idea how successful our efforts would be.  Indeed, there were concerns about whether enough people in the area would have the interest to support such a group, and whether these people could even be found.

We soon discovered, however, that there are many people in the San Diego area who have built or own harpsichords, or who just enjoy listening to harpsichord music whether they are performers or not. These are the people who would attend harpsichord concerts and are serious enough to seek us out and join our organization. Due to such enthusiasm, SDHS has a growing membership, a Newsletter and a steady stream of concerts. Details of these will appear regularly on these pages and in the Society's Newsletter.

SDHS invites anyone with an interest in harpsichords to join our group and help support these magnificent instruments.  If you are interested in being actively involved or would like more information, please contact us..

Sincerely, JIM SHERMAN

email: harpsichordsd@aol.com    
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